Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kou fu

Meshing the good old Singapore coffee shop traditions with modern food court management style and contemporary store designs, Koufu is one of Singapore most established food court operators. To appreciate the background and success of Koufu, one must first understand the history of the man behind it, Mr. Pang Lim.

Recognizing the shift in Singaporean's lifestyles and tastes as well as the need to keep up with the changing demands of the growing population, Mr. Pang decides to take the lead again in changing the dining experience of Singaporeans. He rejuvenated Singapore's deep-rooted coffee shop heritage through the fusion of modern food court management style and local's deeply ingrained coffee shop culture. This marks the birth of Koufu.

Mr. Pang's relentless efforts to provide "Better Food, Better People, Better Life" to his customers will certainly pave the way for the transformation of the food and beverage industry in Singapore. The accomplishments that Koufu has today will start the new era of Singapore dining experience tomorrow.

Tanglin Halt

Blk 88 Tanglin Halt Road
Singapore 141088

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